How to Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger? – A Quick Guide

First of all, you must admit that facebook has no strong rival in the glossy digital entertainment industry. Trillion customers like to hit Facebook to check the updates and do conversation. It is not a basic or outdated chatting tool to lure customers. If you have boredom or loneliness to experience, you must go the Face book to find friends who must be amicable to chat with you.  However, busy people are not able to be present online to chat with Facebook friends. It is an entertainment portal and people have to switch off the instant chatting platform at the time of assignment clearance or being engaged in live conversation with business clients. For this reason, learn how to turn off chat heads in Facebook Messenger to feel free to concentrate on official tasks.


Basics How to Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger

Facebook is not a local platform for youths and college students. It is an open source cross device compatible portal for online chatting, online communication, business branding, product promotion, and job hunting.  Broadly speaking,  Facebook is a global social media portal which gives complete freedom to  guys to explore in the entertainment world just  through mouse clicks.  It is a fast business communication and product promotion portal to attract heavy weights in industry to do the online   business branding campaigns.  Large companies like to post ads and messages to enable customers for being aware of the pros and cons of the newly launched products.  

How to Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger- Important Points to Note

Messenger chatting option is very excellent to Android users as well. Download the messenger on the Android and then log in. Well, Messenger needs email address and password. To be frank, use the same email and password which are needed to open the main land page of Facebook to do the navigation in much friendly way.   

2 Minute Guide How to Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger

However, online 2 minute guide is appropriate to you how to turn off chat heads in Facebook Messenger.
·        Activate and then deactivate the messenger chatting portal whenever you need to do.
·        Well the brief up is that go to the left corner top to check the sets of icons.  
·        When you click the mouse on extreme left icon with star sign, you find few more small icons.
Go through the terms and then tap the messenger log off option. It is not a problem to even a rookie to log off the Facebook Messenger.  

How To Turn off Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android?

  • Activate the Facebook messenger app toolkitm
  • Swipe the glass skin of the android device from  right to left
  • Settings of Messenger Application  will be widened open to display
  • Scroll down the  cursor to  see Chat Heads  
  • Turn it totally off
However, when you do the same job on any Android device, maybe you have different settings to put your messenger on the mode of deactivation.  On android devices, the chatting box pops up automatically as it is default. So even crossing the chatting box, automatically it will appear to disturb you at the time of being busy of attending the conference with clients. So, disable the chatting box of the messenger and then opt for the total deactivation of any instant message sharing.  For android subscribers, it is an innovated chatting infrastructure.  So, you must be smart when you handle this type of remarkable online chatting system to overtake trouble in the long run.  

Brief-up How to Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger

  • After logging in the Facebook Messenger chatting apps page, select the “messenger settings” mode located on extreme right corner top of your android home screen.
  • Find the sub menu to open with the button of chat head. Disable or log out the chat head to have relief from disturbance.
  • However, still you see that chatting box is automatically activated with odd signs, it is bugging problem.  Or maybe your system needs rebooting to end up the trouble.
Online tech schools and consultants are trigger happy with lot of answers to help you out to get out of the discomfiture.  Feel happy to chat with Messenger friends and stop chatting if you don’t need it. Therefore, free demos and slide shows are conducive to people to deactivate the chatting heads of Facebook Messenger.